Thursday, January 29, 2015



The weekend before Cameron's graduation, we went to San Francisco to visit some friends. the middle of the night little miss Callie got the stomach bug, and was throwing up ALL NIGHT. It was awful. Nothing worse than seeing your baby so sick. We hung out with them for a while the next day so we didn't risk Callie puking in her car seat...and choking.  

That put a damper on our weekend, but we got lots of snuggles! 

We love Alison and Hillary! We don't get to see them enough. 

So fast forward to Monday, the next day. Callie's feeling better, and I spent the day packing and preparing for our drive to Rexburg that night. 

Callie's an excellent packer. And darn tootin' she's the cutest.

I picked Cameron up at 8:00 pm so we could take off.  On road trips we like to drive through the night so Callie sleeps the whole time and we don't have to stop as much.  Well...about an hour into the trip I wasn't feeling so hot. I pulled over to a gas station ASAP, can imagine what happened next. So Cam took over driving, another hour went by, and then Cameron pulled over on the side of the road...and again...I'll let you picture it yourselves. 

Now, normally on these trips through the night, one of us will sleep half the time while the other drives, and then we'll switch. The driver on this trip was decided on who wasn't throwing up at the time, and trust me, it was real fun.

Fast forward to another few days. We had a lovely trip in Rexburg, with our families, and Cam's graduation ceremony was delightful.  And then my phone was buzzing like crazy....

Apparently a few people we came in contact with got whatever bug we had a few days before. 
Okay, so more than a few people. A lot of people. 

Cam and I had an inside (very inside) joke that we were assassins and we were killing off everyone in our lives.
  Because everyone was dropping like flies.

It was awful. And we felt like jerks.
But everyone still talks to us, so I guess we were forgiven. 

Now...enjoy a bunch of pictures from the graduation festivities!

So proud of my handsome guy! He worked all through school, and still got amazing grades.  And continued to be the best daddy and husband! I sure love him.

He's cute.

She's STILL obsessed with lip gloss.

Love this sis in law of mine to pieces!

Best buddies.

My handsome graduate.

A HUGE thanks to Uncle Jaren who entertained Callie during the ceremony so I could (try to) pay attention.

Grandma Harper and Callie

Proud Mama! 

We love Alyssa!

Cam's Aunt Anita and Uncle Robin- They are soooo good to the Harper's!

He's thinking, "NO MORE HOMEWORKKKKK!!!!"


We did have some time to relax with our families. We sure are spoiled with incredible, loving people in our lives!

We went to lunch with both our families at Fong's. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get a group pic.

We took this when I was prego with Callie.  We thought it was HILARIOUS that our bellies matched! The workers at Fong's, however, didn't find it as funny as we did. 

My cute sis in law got in on the photo op too! 

And obviously you can't be in Rexburg between May and September and not indulge yourselves in a Large Malibu Barbie Snocone-- with ice cream at the bottom and cream on the top. My favorite thing to eat on this entire planet. 

It was our last one (not forever, I hope!) and we enjoyed every. single. bite. Until next time, you creamy, delicious, addicting treat, you!

Two of my sister in law's had their showers the same week we were there! So I was lucky enough to go!

Morgan's shower.

Callie was helpful as always.

Kassie's shower!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chop, chop!

This one time, I did THIS.

At first I was like....

And now I'm kinda like...

Why did I do it?  I have no clue... But change is good, right? :)

July, the fourth.

A day spent stuffing our faces, dressing festively, and enjoying all the freedoms we have with friends and family.

Oh, and watching fireworks.  I thought they would freak Callie out a little, but she just oooo'd and awwww'd at EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

Jentry's Homecoming

He's home! 
Cam, Callie, and I were able to drive from Cali to SLC for my (not so little anymore) brother's home coming in June. What a happy day. 

Were running just a few minutes behind and as we walked into the airport we heard a TON of screaming and knew that a batch of missionaries had arrived.  We were horrified at the though of Jentry not having anyone to greet him! But as we set up our sign, MINUTES later we saw him coming down the escalator. Phew! 

He looked great.

Happy happy happy.

Callie warmed up to him....eventually. 


I actually made this sign for Jaren before he came home 4 years ago (hence the teensy bit of wear and tear), and it would have been criminal to not use it again....this baby took HOURS. I even used a projector screen to trace the letters so that it looked perfect. 

Our favorite pup for 12 years died six months before Jentry got he wasn't there to greet him.  But my parents new puppies were the next best thing. 

If you didn't know where the puppies were, Callie would remind you.

Teaching him the ropes.

We're glad he made it home, healthy and safe!